Sunday, April 19, 2009

Definition, Please...

So I read my dictionary - but you probably already know that. My favorite is clearly my Oxford Dictionary of Current English (3rd ed.)
Sometimes I rely a little heavily on spell check - which the fine folks at did not see fit to install with the standard version of A Day in the Life... - but it's cool because I keep my little handy dandy OED nearby, just in case style. One of the reasons I like my OED so well is because it tells me the origin of the word; sometimes, based on the origin of a particular word, I'm prompted to look up newer and different(er) words.
Just now, for my previous post (see below) in fact, I wanted to know how to spell mesmerize (I thought there were more z's than the doctor actually ordered) - so I looked it up. You will never guess what I learned!
mesmerism (n.) dated hypnotism.
- ORIGIN named after the Austrian physician Franz A. Mesmer

Kind of cool, huh?


Vanessa said...

You and that dictionary reminds me of Granny! She kept one next to her chair all the days of her life!

j'taimee said...

Ha! Yeah, Nana said the same thing.

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