Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sea Change...

So I decided to make cooking my hobby shortly after I arrived at the Bahá'í World Centre - I figured that I could always go back to making a sandwich or (I know...) a bowl of cereal if I failed, but if I succeeded, well then I'd have something really great to eat!

A good friend of mine, Mr. Joseph K. Fradella (the names of some of the people in this story have been changed in order to protect the identity of the innocent), quickly emerged as my 'go t0' quality control expert. We would have these Thursday night 'Traditional Dinners' where I could try out new recipes and perfect old favorites. It was pretty glorious, friends.
Alas... Joe is leaving us! *I mean me* In fact, next Thursday is his last night in Haifa - sigh. To quote Morrissey, "we're really missing you"... and you're not even gone.

That's one of the realities of serving here, though - eventually we all leave.

Other things that won't be the same?

Star Wars RISK (aka 'my summer')




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