Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sartorial Splendor...

All images courtesy The Sartorialist
All designs courtesy Gucci (Fall 11/Winter 12)

I know I'm wont to be a little dramatic... but seriously? Thank heavens for Gucci. I was starting to get so tired of some of the other collections [who shall remain nameless].

I would like to take the time here, in my little slice of insignificance, to remind designers that women want to be beautiful. And women are beautiful. it's really not a stretch. Just create things that flatter.

Like the good people at Gucci.

Take notes, 'who shall remain nameless'.

I would also like to take the time to shout out The Sartorialist for always capturing a collection at its best. I often see his photos of the different shows and I'm like "oooooh. aaaaaah." And then I see other pictures - of the same show! - that make me wince. Not a good look for aimee piper....

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