Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Eye of the Beholder...

Do me a favor, humor me a moment... yes? Think back to your school days.

Imagine a world where, if you got caught cheating, it would automatically be the other kid's fault because he should have done a better job hiding his answers from you.

Hopefully, most of you recognize that this is crazy. Because dude. Your classmate was minding her own business, taking her own test – and you let your eyes wander. She didn’t put her answers out there for you to look at.

Original article as seen in the NYT here.

The analogy I've presented above - crazy as it may sound - is the view presented by many extremists when it comes to the style of dress worn by a woman.

And to outward seeming, it is as though only women in this situation are being repressed. When in actuality, men are too. The sign above indicates that the very sight of a woman in 'western dress' will transform a man into a "voracious monster".

I promised myself I wouldn't drop an eff-bomb, but seriously? WTH?

Give men a little credit (and maybe stop enabling them) that they can look at a woman without being completely overcome by a desire to have his naughty way with her.

You should know that I have the highest respect for Islam and those who practice that Faith. But modesty goes both ways.

Keep your eyes on your own paper.

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