Monday, February 14, 2011

Apple of Their Eye...

Mona and Vahid: my neighbors.

So in the midst of making a new kind of scone (off-handedly mentioned yesterday... didn't want to ruin the surprise for the recipients!) flavor last night, I helped M&V with a little Valentine's Day project of their own.

Okay, I make it sound like I'm some kind of high-tech street-fashion photoblogger. We all know that the opposite of this is true. I basically just used the camera option on Vahid's iPhone and then they did some kind of fancy-shmancy editing on the computer and BAM!

Photobooth-esque Valentine's Day e-card.

I'd like to credit my steady hands, good eye, and engaging personality for the lovely card above, but it's really down to the fact that the Yamartino's are incredibly photogenic and that Vahid knows almost everything there is to know about Apple. I know, I'm practically begging you to make him prove it!

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