Saturday, January 29, 2011

Post It... Note.

The following images are excerpted from Things We Forget, a cool blog dedicated to the fate of post-it notes left in public spaces.

I think of them more as public service announcements, though.

I'm also incredibly glad that they have this little blog where you not only see their cool post-it designs up close and personal, but they show you where the post-it was, well... posted. In public. But so far that's only in Singapore.

The interwebs are incredibly public, though! So it's kind of like I'm there, in person, for the not-so-secret message. Also? It's like the creators (artists?) knew exactly what I needed to hear!

Oh! Side note before my notoriously child-sized attention span gets carried away... I went to the Israel National Museum in Jerusalem today. You guys!!! I saw the Dead Sea Scrolls!

In.Person! Okay... only part of them - but, you know... they're completely amazing! I hope to be able to share more soon - I finally finished my roll of film from last year. So I might have pictures soon-ish.

But I thought I'd toss it out there, in case something huge comes up and I forget. I saw the Dead Sea Scrolls!

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