Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fashion Faux Pas...

So my work environment is pretty formal... and we have an accordingly formal dress standard. Sometimes some of the young ladies I work with test the boundaries with this, however... particularly now that the rest of the world seems to think that leggings are pants [and that their kind of long boy-friend shirt is a dress.]

A friend recently gifted me with a lovely black dress that, on account of my not-inconsiderable height, falls about an inch or so above my knees. I've been layering it over a simple black turtle-neck sweater, black [fleece lined!] leggings, thick black knee-high socks and a pair of cognac colored boots (thanks, London!).

You guys... I shrunk it in the wash this week! Except I was running a little late because [my name is aimee piper] I made scones for some visiting consultants, and ran out the door with nary a look back. So here I am at work and notice that my dress barely hits my mid-thigh.

Crickets chirp.

I guess that leggings really ARE the new pants? {sigh.}

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j'taimee said...

Addendum: Later in the day, a friend mentioned in passing how well she liked my shirt. Sigh.

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