Friday, January 9, 2009

Subtitles Optional...

I hope, and rather trust, that it won't surprise you to learn that I love words and language. I especially love how organic language is. Language is one of those things where once you understand the fundamentals, you can get really creative and begin to have fun. Enter my obsession with words. For example, let me introduce you to metropolotanize.
Metropolotanize /met-ruh-pol-i-t'nyz/ v. To make one more able to fit into metropolitan culture. - ORIGIN from metropolis: the main city of a country or region (from the Greek).
This word came up from a conversation I had with my friends Abi and Nasim. We're going to have sushi this week (mine will be vegetarian - I do remember the mess Prometheus suffered just so we could cook our food) and I thought about how you never know what adventures your life is preparing you for.
P.S. nouns into verbs? I'm not very original there.... Milton (ahem. Sir John) was pretty famous for it. Just saying.

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