Sunday, April 24, 2011


Image fffound.

So we've talked about my nerd-factor before... and I'd like to officially apologize if my sometimes dark humor offends any of you - but dictionary(dot)com's word of the day totally caught me off guard today.

Okay, not the word itself. Yin (commonly referenced as "yin and yang"... always a pair) is used often enough in the English language to not have caused me any great or special alarm when I saw it in my inbox. ...learning the official definition, however, presented something of a shock.


yin: (n) A principle in Chinese philosophy associated with negative, dark, and feminine attributes. [Yin, almost always in association with yang, means "bright" in Chinese.]

For reals, homie? Negative, dark, feminine?! Sigh.

Sometimes a girl just can't catch a break.
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