Wednesday, April 20, 2011

...Even the Cool Kids Are Doing It

Seder Pesach at the White House.
Courtesy Pete Souza
Via Mrs. O

Semi-related kind of cute story? So as you may know, my service at the Baha'i World Centre concludes at the end of July... and I'm at more than a loss of what to do with myself or where to settle, etc.

But this is moot. Life goes on - particularly as evidenced by the fact that I'm training a young lady who will hopefully be my replacement at the goalie of my water polo team. While she's only 14 and has never played before, she shows remarkable talent. Now if I could just get her to be a little more positive.

Tonight we were working on certain drills that seem torturous (but that's just a front)... her feeble cries of "I can't do this" were met by my quips of "Yes you can!" - to which she replied "no, Obama. I can't".

Flattery gets you everywhere; it is currency in 42 states.

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