Monday, April 18, 2011

On Community...

BBC One is killing it! I just peeped the trailer for Human Planet on Melody's blog - and I'm so glad. This looks amazing! Besides the obvious (and cool) physical/survival elements to human existence, I'm really hoping that this documentary touches on those variables that make us human - that make us, to quote the fine folks at BBC "the most remarkable species of all" - the human spirit and the human community.

Community is the topic up for discussion over at Nineteen Months this month; there are some really lovely articles up - I suggest that you check them out! And don't forget the fine photography - the theme this month is Glory.

In related news... I'm going to my first ever Seder Pesach (the traditional Jewish Passover dinner). I am really excited. I'll keep you all posted - but I'm really looking forward to a night with friends and family: to celebrating community!

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