Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crash Test Dummies...

Last night at water polo, I had a head-on collision with this guy on my team. At a full sprint. Like, our hands didn't collide - providing a muted warning of the pain ahead. No. Full cranium contact. And it hurt.

I'm sure that when the tenderness goes away this story will actually be hilarious, because it's already kind of funny. I mean, only aimee piper, right?!

So on my weekly phone-date-with-mom last night, I casually mentioned my little accident and then she sort of name dropped "concussion". Well, I have no idea what a concussion is - I'm a pretty thick skulled, strong boned girl. But I was nervous because those are not to be trifled with. Luckily my friend Saba (MPH in the house!) was online and I picked her brain ...about my brain. (hahahaha - sometimes I think I'm so funny!)

Last night - as a precaution - Saba called me regularly throughout the night to make sure that I was okay and not in a coma... or whatever happens when you have a concussion (still not sure).

As evidenced by this semi-cogent report of *health*, I'm okay and fully functional. And about as thick skulled as you can be and still float!

Thanks, Saba. You're a peach!


Saba said...

Awwww, I <3 you, aimee piper!

j'taimee said...

same same, friend!

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