Monday, August 2, 2010

Coming to America...

Remember these places? Yeah... I almost don't either. But I just got my tickets today to go home and see the family! I'm a little nervous - it's been more than 2 years.

What if I've forgotten how to be American? Do you think the immigration people will know!?
Oso Parkway and the 5
Laguna Beach: the Boardwalk at sunset

Dear 'the OC' (or whatever trendy name you prefer these days): be nice. It's been a while.


Nicole said...

Hi Aimee,

Don't worry. To me, you are a lovely example of an American woman. Although you might not feel as such any more, to an European like me, with nothing but (positive & negative) prejudices regarding US (as I've never been there myself), you are truly American. From high-five to your laughter. Your dedication and your critical mind, always concerned how other people think of you.
Of course, Americans might think you're not American at all, but a national identity is normally formed by comparing with foreign-nationals.
Enjoy your home (the fact you call it your home, is enough proof to still 'belong' there) as you enjoy Israel: outsiders have much keener views :)


j'taimee said...

Nicole! What a kind (and observant) thing to say! I'll be sure to keep you posted on all of my 'adventures'. ;)

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