Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Wide World of Aimee Piper...

Pretty picture found ...from where I no longer remember.
Give us a shout out if you recognize it....

Sometimes my technological ineptitude amazes even me. Lessons learned today: A server is not a browser - they are not ‘same same’.

A server is, in fact, a computer. But here’s the best part! The little black box doesn’t even need to be fancy! And I quote: “the simplest computer will do – you just need the right code and stuff”.

Okay… I clearly took liberties with the “code and stuff” – but Omid was over my head as soon as he said they are not the same because “;asrh;aoshmnAOwiefhnnknv”.

Thanks for humoring my work related annecdotes. You're the best.

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