Sunday, December 14, 2008

Solo Los Domingos....

So I'm not usually one to wax (so directly) poetic on my weekend ongoings - but I really did have a lovely weekend. We had a little bit of rain to clean things up and I got the perfect amount of sleep... Anyhow, I'd like to pay the good vibes forward - and since I'm nothing if not a romantic, consider this a little shout out weekend's filled with butterflies-in-tummies, can't-stop-tapping toes, feeling silly and girly and pretty, and random fits of giggles.
I call it the "let's fall in love" edition.
Image from XKCD
I read once that romance is a modern construction. That those feelings we commonly associate with 'romance' were once used only to describe an individual's relationship with God. As a product of modernity, I can't divorce myself entirely of the phenomenon of romantic love (lust?) but this cartoon totally reminds me of God.
Image from The Year In Pictures
I love this picture! The couple looks so sweet together. ...a head's up to any men who read this? Ladies love to dance. Full stop.

Images from Le Love

My former thoughts on romance aside, I can't get enough of these pictures. I call them "At First Sight" and "At Second Sight", respectively.
...Before I erupt in a fit of giggles: have a nice day.


amy said...

great great photos!
thanks for sharing!

Chessa said...

thanks for sharing these photos. I love the one of the woman looking through the window - the depth of field is fabulous.

j'taimee said...

yes, I like that one, too. I don't know enough about photography to contribute to that conversation - but I particularly love her expression. it seems to me to be sweet and vulnerable, while at the same time it's obvious how attracted she is by him. but she's completely unconscious of it - so there's no pretension. there's a real purity in the emotional conveyance of her attraction, an honesty. like he completely took her breath away.

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