Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In No Particular Order...

Observations of mine:
1. If you (I mean me) begin a question with "am I crazy, or..." the answer is always yes. Almost.
2. Dear My Fellow Bloggers: What's up with the (not so) recent obsession with totally cheesy calendars - in every shape, size and color?
3. Dear Mac (I mean Apple?): I want to make my pictures into polaroids, too. So while it might defeat your 'monopoly on cool gadgets' purpose (mission statement? manifesto?) - tick tock already! mmmk? Thanks.
4. I'm trying to be better at a lot of things. As you may know, photography is one of them. This lady inspires the heck out of me. Check her out - you can thank me later.
5. I love running. I know, crazy huh?

Photos courtesy of Monica Shulman and her looking glass.


Nazy said...

Death by calendarssssssssss!!!! Its cos of the christmas countdown, i think.

j'taimee said...

hahaha. Right? I think you're on to something, btw. It's seriously like every design blog and a myriad posts on them per!
BORING! *to quote Rafaan*

amy said...

mac is a meanie.
and i love chessa! she's awesome!

Chessa said...

thank you, dear, for your shout out! I'm happy to aid in the inspiration especially when I seek it from so many of you in the blogosphere!
I'm sorry you can't make the polaroid thingy work on your PC yet. If it makes you feel any better, I downloaded the program onto my Mac and I STILL can't get it to work! Thanks, again:)

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