Monday, October 10, 2011

One For The Books...

Courtesy Tralalere!

Reader, I know that I've been quiet for quite some time... and I apologize, but adjusting to life in a new (old?) country has been simultaneously more hectic and, well, boring than I'd have anticipated two and a half months ago.

But life is not without its funny moments: take last week, for example. My arch-nemesis... okay. We're frenemies... technology and I had a little run in. For once in my life, I was not to blame - but as per usual, technology pranked me good. It all began with a simple little email to some friends in Haifa (that I will share with you because I have no shame):

"So yesterday SoCal got a significant amount of rain - for which I was completely unprepared. as small background, I go in to work at 5 on Mondays/Wednesdays because I take a class in the afternoon - and since it didn't start raining until 8.... yeah.

So I also park off campus because I'm a) completely skint and b) the semester parking pass is seriously ridiculous - especially if you're only taking one class. So it starts (continues?) pouring rain when I get to school. And I don't have an umbrella - because at that time I literally DIDN'T... so I'm sprinting to class in the pouring rain, crossing streets, waiting at cross walks - all the while incredulously remarking in a LOVELY British accent [okay, I was talking to myself] because it was raining.

Naturally, "holy hell, it is pissing it down!" cannot be said without the benefit of my Eastenders best. I probably sounded Australian... but it was funny. I know because I was also laughing at my crazy antics.

Annnnnnnnnnnd I got to class sopping wet - and even got to ring the water out of my dress. but I have an umbrella now. and since my package finally came from Haifa - I also have my rain boots!"

Right. So you see that it was just a quirky little anecdote excerpted from the life of Aimee Piper and shared with some of my Haifa besties.

Except that bright and early yesterday morning, as I'm prepping for my adventures at the world famous Rosebowl Flea Market, I get a quick email from another friend in Haifa. Said friend works in the Information Services Department at my former place of employment (and where most of the people who received the above email work)... he included my story in his email (verbatim) and explained that it had wound up on an in house distribution list not dissimilar to a Craig's List, and that he was endeavoring to take it down.

Reader, my one of the original recipients outlook things (yes... still decidedly tech-lingo challenged) had auot-populated this list serve.

Right. So I've been unwittingly regaling my former bosses (who, incidentally, are recognized as diplomats abroad in Israel) with random rain soaked adventures from my new life in Orange County.

Say it with me, friends: "oh, aimee piper!"

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