Friday, January 29, 2010

Observations From Lo-Techville...

So it's no surprise that the folks at Apple (insert trademark sign) have wowed the first world, yet again... as is evidenced by the chuckle inducing banter inundating my inbox - but then the only bad press is no press, am I right?
But some things have dawned on me recently... like today. And I mean no disrespect to either and his miracle churning minions or to those who identify with what I'm about to share - I love all y'all.

This all started when a friend dissected what I hear was an amazing keynote speech...
I realized that Apple(trademark circle thingy) is sort of like a gold-digging girlfriend.
Flashy-shiny packaging.
Does kind of cool stuff.
Easy to accessorize.
Everyone knows that if you pay more, the stuff you can see and do is cooler.
You’ll never really or completely understand it.
AND the douchy-meat head who only knows how to use 3 of buttons will still make it look cooler than you. ...and he probably even got it for free.

No? Too much?
*The opinions expressed in this post do not necessary represent those of.... Yes they do.*


Sholeh said...

heh. Don't get me wrong, I'm an Apple girl, but this latest snafu makes me roll my eyes a bit.

j'taimee said...

Sholeh... the link is amazing! hahahahaha. 3 cheers for man hands?

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