Saturday, January 2, 2010

Keep It Classy...

So... weekend wrap up. As you may recall, my friends Mona & Vahid were married on Friday - 1 January 2010! A new day, year, decade and life - all in one fell swoop! Congratulations M&V! Mae & Aimee
The wedding was amazing - perfectly simple and elegant - it really captured their whole relationship, I think. And the best part was how calm and collected they were. Naturally we all had an amazing time dancing the night away - the father of the groom has some serious dance moves. I'm talking skills, kids!
Oh! Also... at the guest book table was a mini-polaroid camera; by which I mean that it shot out miniature pictures, not that the camera was tiny. It is so cool! I totally want one!
Hope y'all had a great weekend, too!

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