Monday, December 21, 2009

Do It... Do It Now

...preferably in 3D.

In case you're confused, James Cameron killed it. The world he's created is phenomonal. It has (hopefully) clearly blown my mind.

The part I find particularly fascinating and important is the conversation he has about unity - between people, nature & the supernatural. The way that we see this interconnectedness, and tap into it, in our own lives is something that is coming - increasingly - to the forefront of social consciousness. Think, for example, on the environment summit of Copenhagen, or the global-minded direction that human rights has taken. These are all areas of our collective human psyche that have transcended old world thinking of "my problems, my solutions" into something more. It's truly amazing and wonderful to be part of that transformation.

How do you connect with people, with nature, with God?

*In case you don't have "wide screen" - see the trailer here.*

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david john said...

avatar is 3d is amazing! and i dont even like fantastical movies of that sort usual, but i was blown away.

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