Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Holy Dance Party, Batman!

Do you remember going dancing with your friends - and it wasn't about the scene or who you would 'meet' - but strictly about the dancing? Well... I do. I co-hosted such a one last weekend. And let me tell you, friends - it was gl-gl-glorious!

Here are some pictures, and etc. Enjoy - and remember, we were completely committed to the joy of dancing.
Will: aka Mr. Roboto
Julia & Abi
And The Beat Goes On...
DJ Shamim: so hot we had to put him in the kitchen
Speaking of hot...
Joe & Mona: Salsa Caliente
Aimee & Nava: 2/3 of the 'co-hosts'
But you can call us the 'Mostesses'
You know the dance party is in full effect when you need a little balcony break - elevated conversation style.
Lauren, Nava, Aimee
Dancing Machines...
Jean-Pierre (& Aimee): the missing piece to the co-host puzzle
I hope, for your sakes, that you find something you like to do as well I like to dance - and do it with complete and undivided joy.


amy said...

aaaw, looks like such a good time! say hi to DJ shamim from me :)

j'taimee said...

Done and done!

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