Sunday, March 8, 2009

By Any Other Name...

Weather Vane, Weather Vein, Weather Vain. Thus began my Parisian adventure. Why, you may rightfully ask, would Randy be getting face time on the patiently awaited (thanks, btw) deets on the Paris leg of my vacation? Especially when my vanity factor (in the alternate universe where I'm a super hero and have a trading card) hovers somewhere closer to 10 than it probably should...? Well, my grand European vacation has, as per of course, a back story.

About 2-3 weeks before I left (if you're doing your math, this means January), I was enjoying lunch out with the girls and waxing excited on my pending vacation. On the bus ride home, I began to shiver (as I'm wont to do). The girls, God bless them, asked - in their rightful concern - what exactly I planned to do/wear in London and France. When I told them that I was wearing about the warmest clothes I owned, they banded together and got me the necessary items I would need to ensure that I returned to Haifa with all of my fingers and toes intact....
Further background - if such a thing is needed? I'm from Southern California (well, mostly), and cold for me is somewhere around 60 F (a cool 15.55 C, thank you very much).
So I spent the next week or so accumulating warm clothes (most thankfully so) - but as it was a medley of clothes from various sources, I sort of spent my vacation - particularly my time in France - looking like an Olsen twin, circa 2007 - with an added layer (seriously) of Randy from A Christmas Story. And freezing, regardless. Because while I brought considerable good luck London's way, it was snowing when I got to Paris.
Le sigh.
What I would have wanted to look like:

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