Friday, June 1, 2012

On Hiatus...

So I received a very loving email from my aunt the other day... informing me that I've been a little lax in updating this little niche of interwebs. Mea Culpa. To be perfectly honest, I feel as though I'm not really seeing anything I love enough to put up here - and simultaneously, the work I'm doing is somehow too precious to me to share in whatever tiny snippets I could share here. It's nothing confidential... I'm just usually too tired from my long days to pull my thoughts together in any meaningful kind of way! But I'll try.

In somewhat related news, I went to Coachella this year! I had really been looking forward to going - I even made plans to attend before I left Israel nearly a year ago! Here are some pictures... and some anecdotes about my time in the desert..... [yes. it's like that.]
 Beautiful balloon sculpture [I didn't name it...]
I took this peaceful picture mere moments before I lost my phone.
If you know me, you know that this is not unusual - but let's see what else I got before the weekend got truly interesting....
 The fine folks at H&M set up tent (of sorts) in which they provided water, air conditioning, a myriad beauty products with which to freshen up [because temperatures averaged 105] and a few really awesome waterbed/reclining lounges.
Also? A kissing booth/Instamatic fundraiser for AIDS research. Awesome.
 Picnic blanket & multi-purpose shawl (the Bedouins know what is up!), chilling in the Mohave tent.
Mandatory selfie...

Now friends... you should know that my vanity factor is pretty high. So why would I include such a photo as this?

I literally passed out not 2 hours later from heat exhaustion. In fact, I missed 2 whole nights of Coachella. I know. But let this be a cautionary tale. 
I will tell you what the nice nurse told me as she was hooking up my second bag of saline solution (I'll spare you the deets - but it was NOT pretty):: in extreme heat, for every 2 or 3 bottles of water you drink, have a bottle of gatorade or some other such "sports" drink.

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