Thursday, June 14, 2012

Here Comes the Sun...

So the sun is making a serious 'college try'... and this song is so happy and catchy - and this version is just the most fun thing I've seen all week - so! Enjoy!

In other "trying so hard I can't hardly stand it" news... I'm going to be in a play this month! On the 29th, specifically. And I'm pretty nervous about memorizing my lines. To help, I recorded myself on my phone so I could listen and learn (thanks for that, 2012).

Um... have you ever listened to yourself? Like outside of your own head? Turns out that I sound like an NPR reporter. Lakshmi Singh - call me (maybe...)!

But yeah, if you're in OC circa 29 June 2012, holler at your girl. It won't be profesh, I'll probably blush AND sound like I'm presenting on This American Life - but I'll keep it real!

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