Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bon Jour, Mes Amis...

Courtesy the perennially lovely Garonce Dore.

So I'm looking at studying a new foreign language this year... and it's a toss between French and Italian. I know. My house is an hour from Mexico - why not Spanish? Or why not solidify the tenuous grasp I have of German, Persian or Hebrew? All excellent questions.

I'm in the process of learning Spanish with a friend, so this frees me up for a concentration in either French or Italian.

It sounds a little zany, even to me (my iPhone doesn't hold regular conversations with me, afterall - yet?), but I think my google.reader has a pretty strong opinion on the language I learn. Because I look at so many blogs [definitely not because I'm lazy], I like everything in one place. One of my favorite fashion blogs is Garance Dore - who, despite currently living in NYC, just so happens to be French. Long story short, I accepted google.reader's offer of translation.

Except it now tries to translate everything else I look at into English.

I know, you may be wondering how many French language blogs I read. Just the one. And yes, that means that my reader sees the English on the page as French and translates it to... English. At first I thought that everyone had gone off their rocker - it is, to a line, idiomatically and grammatically incorrect. But now the fun game is to figure out what the writers were meaning to write when they wrote what they wrote.

Quirky brainteasers aside... any plans for 2012?

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