Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Eye of Newt...

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, in an address at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, calls child labor laws "stupid". Full article courtesy The Huffington Post.

Why pay parents in poor families a living wage when their kids can quit school and contribute financially? Okay... that was cynical, even for me.

See this for what it is: not economic empowerment of youth, and certainly not union or education reform. It is the single greatest means of insuring a greater than ever class disparity in our country.

In my opinion, it is time to be intellectual capitalists. Capitalism (according to my high school economics class) demands that income be reinvested in the product, thereby constantly improving your product. So if income in this sense becomes time, knowledge, wisdom, experience and opportunity for growth, and we invest that in our product - ie. the people in our society [particularly children] then we can have an ever advancing society.

And Newt (Mr. Gingrich?), if you're of the opinion that our schools are failing (they are. I do not disagree with you here), why don't you volunteer in a local school? Or read to kids in your neighborhood library, or volunteer with the Big Brothers and Sisters of America program? There are nearly as many ways to help a problem as there are to complain about it.

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