Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekend In Laguna...

Beach, that is. As evidenced by the lovely Pacific panorama behind yours truly.
Nasaem and I: Rooftop Lounge, Laguna Beach.

Since Nasaem and her husband have recently moved to Orange County, I've taken it upon myself - as only a native can - to show them around and to treat them to the best that OC has to offer. Not withstanding my usual aversion to to all things tourist-trap, I still love Laguna Beach. And the rad thing about the Rooftop Lounge/Kya Restaurant is that while it's on PCH, it's far enough away from the boardwalk area that it's not a zoo.

Okay, I pinky-swear that this isn't a plug - but try the seared Ahi sandwich. You can thank me later.

And on that note, I'm back to prepping for tomorrow's class. You remember that I'm studying virtues with some local children, yes? Well, they're awesome. Virtues and kids. I'll get back with an update (dare I say progress report?) after class tomorrow. Or... you know. Soon.

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