Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Namibia - via 19 Months

So I've just booked a small vacation in Rome! I'm really looking forward, particularly as I've never been to Italy (I know...). If you have any recommendations about things a person should absolutely do - and things that should be seen only if the time presents itself, holler at your girl!

But I think this little holiday - planned to coincide with my transition from Israel back to the United States - will be just the thing I need to look forward to to lessen the nervousness I feel about living in Orange County again.

Who knew that 4 years could be so long - or go so quickly!

...but seriously, sorry I'm so MIA. One of my besties is coming to visit next week, and I'm kind of (read: actually) freaking out about moving half-way around the world in less than 2 months. And finding a j.o.b.

Excuse me while I go breathe deeply - and stuff.

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