Sunday, March 6, 2011

Problem Solving...

Courtesy A Cup of Jo

When I was playing water polo in college and getting my hair cut at the beauty college, or some other $5 special... my friend was getting her hair done at this really trendy salon (that shall remain nameless because I'm sure it's trademarked, and I have no idea how to throw up that particular gang-sign). One day my friend and I pop in to "see her [hair] guy". Friends, your boy walked up to me, takes one look, and says - sneer and all - "ugh. What do you put in your hair? It is too healthy!"

Several years - and my own "hair guy" later - and I no longer wash my hair every day. Now that my water polo team is training more than ever, however, I really struggle to find things to do with my hair on 'day 2'. It should be professional, feminine, classy, and fresh.

Enter Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo fame. She gathered some of her rad NYC stylist/photographer/model friends and presto change-o! Solutions for a great hair day! You can peep the tutorial (complete with handy pictures) here.

No promises, but this may just be my look... two days hence!

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j'taimee said...

So I just tried this style out... finally. It looks like if you have hair like me (super fine and really straight) you might have to wait for summer and the benefits of beach hair. FYI....

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