Thursday, March 29, 2012


I fancy myself a stylish woman... I tend to have strong opinions and correspondingly a strong personal voice that is manifested in the myriad ways I express myself.

But if there is one woman whose style I consistently admire, it is my friend Mojan Sami

courtesy Mojan Sami

The rad thing about Mojan (okay... one of the rad things) is that she really does her homework. And this is why she is my ad hoc stylist - not only does she have her ish put together, but she legitimately knows what she's talking about. 

Like light blue for spring, which will supplement my deep love of all things orange very nicely!

Now only for some past due warm weather for spring.....!

1 comment:

Mojan said...

Aw, thanks darlin'! I've always been an admirer of your style, too. You're chic with a bit of spunk, which I love!

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